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La Source du Ruault 2018


Saumur-Champigny wines are made predominantly from Cabernet Franc, where they are typically light or medium-bodied, characterized by crisp acidity and forward, slightly spicy, berry fruit flavors. The appellation series of ‘The Ruault Spring’ is La Source du Ruault’s emblematic wine with its aromatic expression of red fruit. This domaine’s classic is made from Cabernet Franc planted in 8 hectares of clay-limestone terroir, farmed using organic methods and wines aged in vats and barrels 9 metres underground.
Made from 100% Cabernet Franc, La Source du Ruault’s ‘The Ruault Spring’ is characterized by a red, shiny silky color in its youth, and an authentic expression of the winemaker’s philosophy of “Produce, yes, but respecting the plant, the land and the weather”.

Taste profile

Color: Deep ruby
Aroma: Red and black berry fruits, vanilla and notes of damp chalk
Taste: Cherry flesh, red and black berry fruits, spice; supple tannin, excellent fresh finish

food pairing

Steak, barbecue meats


Recommended to decant the wine to open up the aromatic fruity bouquet. Pair this La Source du Ruault's Saumur-Champigny with HENRI’s Steak Box. While the meats are soaking up the aromas from the burning cherry wood, the wine is given time to breathe and interact with oxygen in exposing the exquisite notes that shapes its true character.