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Saint-Chinian “Le Banel” Domaine les Païssels 2020


Still relatively unknown in the New World, the wines of Languedoc-Roussillon are the best-kept secrets. Domaine les Païssels, located at Babeau, 5km from the Saint-Chinian of the Languedoc region, is on shale slopes. Found in a fragile soil balance, Schist is a rare rock that gives great personality to wines. The region gets the best sunshine from the Mediterranean climate while ripens the grapes in the most intriguing way.

Blending both major grapes of Spanish origin, Grenache and Carignan, Le Banel promises intensity and richness from these elegant grapes that are grown on the shale slopes.    

Taste profile

Color: Deep garnet Aroma: Intense, notes of ripe red fruits and fresh black fruits, mixed spices Taste: Complex and rich notes stewed strawberries and fresh raspberries; smoky and medium tannin, long finish.

food pairing

Cold cuts & grill meat.


Start a meal with a wine that has a strong and elegant personality to go with the French Platter or the Beef Tartare. Get the best of all worlds with the complex mix of spices, fruity, smoked, fat and gamey flavors from this combination. The tenacity of Le Banel is going to last till the main course of any grilled meats such as Lamb and Gratin Dauphinois Charcoal-grilled Steaks.