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Côte Rôtie, Francois Fils 2019


Francois Fils is a small family-owned vineyard located in the communes of Saint-Cyr-sur-Rhône and Ampuis, a rare plot that qualifies for the appellation. The ridges run roughly north-east to south-west, providing the sun-bake aspects that help to make the appellation’s wines so rich and ripe.

Côte Rôtie wines are renowned for being elegant and finely structured, with complex aromas typical of the local terroir of the Syrah grape variety from which they are made. Blending with the region’s leading white grape variety, Condrieu’s Viognier, the magic made by the Côte Rôtie-Condrieu duo is dramatized in the final wine, lifting its perfume and enlivening its color. Elegant and racy at the same time, Francois Fils Côte Rôtie is an explosion of pepper, earth, red fruits and black fruits

Taste profile

Color: Deep ruby Aroma: Complex, notes of cooked strawberries, black plums, pepper, exotic incense Taste: Complex notes of strawberries and cream, forest, spice, ample ripe tannin, very long finish.

food pairing

Rump steak and grilled red meat


A multi-faceted wine that key notes are enhanced by the savoriness of red meats. Pair it with any of HENRI’s grilled steak to let the dish’s smokines expose Côte Rôtie’s divine fruity notes and velvety texture.