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Corbiere Les Lanes La Baronne 2018


Still relatively unknown in the New World, the wines of Languedoc-Roussillon are the best-kept secrets. At Château La Baronne, the traditional grape varietal, Carignan, is the basis of the great Languedoc wines. Grown in a terroir of clay-limestone and sandstone, the owners of the château believed that a wine with great personality emerges from old vines that are painstakingly cared for.

Blending Grenache with Carignan- the 2 signature grapes from the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, Corbières “Les Lanes” signifies power, spice and earth.  

Taste profile

Color: Medium purple Aroma: Expressive, cedarwood, small black fruits, raisin, spice, minty like garrigue Taste: Vanilla-spice, floral, gamey; supple tannin, excellent fresh finish.

food pairing

Chargrilled meats, barbecue sausages, cold cuts, mussels


An extremely versatile wine, Corbières “Les Lanes” is perfect with both meats and seafood. Good for gatherings, families sit round barbecuing fires to have warm conversations while enjoying this terrific, honest wine.