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Domaine de la Bergerie
(Yves Guégniard) Coteaux du Layon,
'Le Clos de la Bergerie' 2018


Coteaux du Layon is the largest of the sweet-wine appellations in the Loire Valley’s Anjou district. Exclusively made from the white grape variety, Chenin Blanc, the most essential ingredient in a Coteaux du Layon wine is the morning mists rising from the river that promotes the development of botrytis during late summer; forming the complex and intriguing flavors that is authentic to this appellation.

Cultivated in schist and clay slopes that form the banks of the Layon River, Clos De La Bergerie Coteaux De Layon 2018 exudes gorgeous floral and stone fruits flavors and will make a deep impression as a dessert wine for all guests.

Taste profile

Color: Medium gold
Aroma: Honey, peach-apricot, balsamic
Taste: Elegant floral, red apple-honey, velvety sweet

food pairing

Gorgonzola, Sweet cakes/tarts


A sweet wine that is excellent on its own. Pairs perfectly with HENRI’s Cheese Platter as a starter or Pistachio-Raspberry Éclair to have a sweet ending.