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Chinon Les Graves, Domaine Fabrice Gasnier 2020


An important red wine appellation in the Touraine district of the Loire, Chinon produces fanciful, light-bodied reds from the Cabernet Franc grape. The wines Domaine Fabrice Gasnier made consist mostly of old-vine Cabernet Franc planted on varying combinations of chalk, gravel, sand, and clay soils in and around the village of Cravant-lès-Côteaux. The Gasniers employ biodynamic techniques in farming, with no pesticides or herbicides where yields are extremely low. The results are aromatic, racy red wines, with great concentration and length. Made from 100% Cabernet Franc, Chinon Les Graves is scented with fresh herbs, black tea and violets, while showing a lovely combination of fruit and acidity.

Taste profile

Color: Medium ruby
Aroma: Red fruit, raspberry, violet, earthy, hints of leather
Taste: Raspberry, red plum, earl-grey; structured tannin, excellent fresh finish

food pairing

Pork loin, cold cuts, meat stews


A rich and expressive wine, Chinon Les Graves is perfect with a starter like HENRI’s Cold Cut Platter to begin a relaxing night out with friends. For the mains, its aromatic notes of black tea and herbs are able to accentuate the best features of HENRI’s Beef Bourguignon