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Wine Bistro Singapore
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Wine Bistro Singapore

Welcome To Henri
Wine Bistro | Bakery

HENRI, truly the French Wine Bistro & Bakery, Singapore! HENRI is the first duo-concept French wine bistro & bakery casts to stone in Jan 2022. It sits on a land space of 3200 square feet, therefore it is able to host up to 70 guests at one time.

While serving French cuisine and beverage in a restaurant setting it also evoke wonderful memories in this beautiful historical landmarks in Singapore, called Chinatown. Within Chinatown, it is nestled in one of the most beautiful conservation buildings of Singapore, Far East Square. This duo-concept bakerybistro opens its door to its first customer on the 8th of Jan 2022. Don’t hesitate further, make your first reservation at HENRI wine bistro today. Meanwhile do find out more about us and our history by click the link below.

Breakfast at HENRI

Breakfast | Bakery

Select from our huge array of fresh bakes that features many artisan French breads. For instant, HENRI’s star bread- Pain de Campagne that is made with flour imported from France and in-house cultured sourdough starter. As Pain de Campagne is indeed an all-time favourite for breakfast, lunch and dinner it is featured in the bread basket for all dining-in customers. 

It is so important to start a day right, hence opt to take away a richly-buttery croissant with a cup of specialty coffee brewed using in-house roasted beans! Try us out, make a reservation at HENRI’s wine bistro today!

Confit de Canard "Duck Confit"

Lunch | Quick Serve

HENRI’s wine bistro features 2- and 3- course Set Lunch, combine for a light and wholesome meal, or choose a more satisfying meal that includes the French traditional dish -Steak. Confit de Canard “Duck Confit” is a classic French delicacy originating from the south-western region of Gascony. You may also opt for a meatless meal with our vegetarian options. 

For a sweet ending, choose a comforting dessert to complete the 3-course meal. The all-time favourites are our Classic Crème Brûlée, Strawberry Roll Cake and Tartine aux Pommes "Apple Tart".

With this in mind, do not forget to pair the dessert with a cup of specialty coffee. The coffee extracted from our very own in-house roasted coffee bean. It is a bean blend of origin from both regions El Salvado & Columbia.

Steak Box “Boîte à Steak”

Dinner | Wine Bistro

The dinner menu displays exquisitivity where it features both the traditions and comforts of French-European dishes. Savour the French tradition out of the delicately-seared Magret de Canard or the Southern Italian flavour from the rich-brothy Crab Linguine. In addition, the key highlight at HENRI is the 28-days dry aged beef that is made in-house and has become one of the favourites amongst our guests.

Pair any of the steak with Côtes Du Rhône to experience how flavours from food and drink interact to bring out the best from one another. To experience a match made in heaven, pair the steak with Côte Rôtie; experience the fascinating tallowy flavour from the meat on a whole new level when meeting with the notes of strawberries & cream in the Côte Rôtie. Hence, if you are yearning for the best dining experience, book a table to dine at HENRI’s wine bistro!

Chef's Creations

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Locate our Wine Bistro

48 Pekin St, #01-00 Singapore 048778
(Nearest Carpark, Capital Square)

Far East Square is located in one of the most important site where the history of Singapore began. This is because, it is where the early immigrant first settled in the 19th century. The landmark location is surrounded by China Street, Telok Ayer Street, Pekin Street and Cross Street. HENRI is situated at 48 Pekin Street #01-00 Singapore 048778. The history of Far East Square is therefore part of the history of Telok Ayer.

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Wine Bistro Singapore

Wines on Sale!

“Fine wines from $48 onwards”

“$60 minimum ordering quantity”

Should you prefer to dine at your private space, do not freed about it. HENRI does the job by delivering to your doorstep. This is made possible when you place an order with a minimum purchase amount of S$60.

Click on the link to view the wine collection of our wine bistro, you will find out more about our food and wine pairing.